Living Without Limitations Foundation Programs For Disabled People

We will be providing transportation to all of the residents of the Living Without Limitations houses. The transportation will be provided for employment, medical appointments, day time programming, recreation, and social events as needed by the individuals.

We will be acquiring 3 to 4 properties to either renovate and make accessible or to construct new which will accommodate from 12 –16 adults. They will be called the “Living Without Limitations Houses.

There are few other options in Western New York that offer this type of living to people with physical or developmental disabilities. For an application to be placed on our wait list call (716)316-8072.

Independent living: Seven in 10 adults with disabilities (69%) live with their parent(s) or guardian, only 17% live independently - compared to more than half of adult children without disabilities (51%). Furthermore, only 45% of parents strongly agree their adult child with a disability will always have a place to live; whereas, 75% of parents of adult children without a disability strongly agree. Easter Seals who compilied this data along with  others will use these findings to raise awareness of and advocate for the life-long services families desperately need - including school to work transitions, employment support, residential and community support, and financial planning - working to lessen the disparities and bridge the gap for the millions (approx. 35 Million) of people living with developmental disabilities.
Day Time Programming
We will be establishing a site at which day time programming will be held meeting the desires of all of our residents. This location will be in as close proximity as possible to the residences which we will establish.
Programming will include:
Social events
Day Trips