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Dear Friend:   

We need your voice and your strength to help young adults with special needs.

Right now, across our nation, there is an epidemic facing thousands of soon to be young adults and their families.  These special needs children will have no place to go and no one to turn to when they reach age 21 and can no longer attend their High School.  Many will lose essential services and support that their caregivers, rely on.  New York State, alone, has cut millions of dollars in funding for those who need it most and these children cannot fight for themselves.

NBC News recently aired a documentary entitled “What families face when children with autism enter adulthood.”  This program clearly outlined the obstacles families are experiencing and brought to the forefront a need for greater understanding (compassion) and a discussion on how we as a society will respond.

Being parents of a special needs child is a blessing, but it is also a daily uphill challenge, similar to walking a tight rope.  It’s frightening to think what the future might hold as they become young adults.  We pray for our own longevity and their safety every day, but we must act now and do more to ensure they have a chance.  That is why we created Living Without Limitations.  We are a small group of parents who are excited to begin our journey on the pathway to change.   Our first step - to build the first ever Living Without Limitations home in East Aurora, New York.  Through this home, we will begin to address the issues so many families just like us will face very soon.  We have assembled a team of experts to guide us as we develop a model for others to follow.  When our vision is complete, we will share everything we have learned and achieved and help others improve the lives of their young adults, equipping them with the tools they need to live full, productive lives, no matter their disabilities.  

We invite you to meet the kids.  They are representative of thousands of children coming of age all across the nation with little or no options for the future.  They are fine young people who have a lot to offer and will one day leave their mark of greatness on this world.  Above all, they are givers who take nothing for granted, judge no one, appreciate the small things and value everyone and everything.  They strengthen the world around us.  We want you to hear their story first hand and we know you will be forever be touched.   You can be a part of this exciting and rewarding effort.  Help us make a difference.

These children matter and as their parents, we will continue to advocate for them and thousands more like them.  We will be their voices and we will make positive change for the future, but we can’t do it alone.  We need your help, your voice and your strength today.   Together we can make the impossible, possible.  We can give children and families everywhere hope.  Please help us – you are our hope.

Thank you,


The Board of Directors

“Anyone can give up; it’s the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that’s true strength.” – Christopher Reeves

LIVING WITHOUT LIMITATIONS, Inc.                      “a 501 (c)(3) Corp“

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LIVING WITHOUT LIMITATIONS, Inc.                      “a 501 (c)(3) Corp“

12108 Anne Drive, Alden, New York 14004             (716) 316-8072 * (716) 697-1158 * (716) 714-5208 (fax)E-Mail: LWLFoundation@aol.com 

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